Grand Alliance Clothing limited - New British clothing brand
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Grand Alliance Clothing limited is a new British clothing brand based in the UK. It’s identity is inspired from British subculture, music and history.

How can you be anybody else? Mods, skins, casuals and straights, Passion is our only culture.

Founder of the brand, Lewis tells us about the brand.

“My dad was a mod, I grew up to our early Saturday mornings to bacons sandwich’s and soul records playing full blast while we watched soccer AM, preparing for match day to support our local club. it became ritual in our house hold. A smartly dressed working class idle, carrying his culture with him through the ages, it rubbed off on me, just preparing for match day with your old man brother seem sacred” “I just want to create something that means something to all the people who know these little things we do, make us who we are, our choice in music, the way we dress and where we come from makes up who we are, it’s our personality making a statement to the world, and I want to build a brand that does these words justice”


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