This time, we had the chance to talk to Tom Summerfield from Marshall Artist. Marshall Artist is one of our favourite British brands and has been...
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KUL BRITANIA was born out of our passion not only for music but also for British subcultures; Mods, Skinheads, Casuals. These subcultures have, throughout the years, influenced art, film and fashion and this time, we had the chance to talk to Tom Summerfield, commercial director at Marshall Artist one of Britain's top brands and one of our favourite ones without a shadow of a doubt. Due to its successful campaigns, the brand has been gaining exposure over the past few years. 

So for those outside the UK, keep an eye on this great British brand.

Read our interview with one of Britain's finest brands.

KB: Where does the Inspiration for Marshall Artist come from?

Tom Summerfield: It was born out of a love for Maharishi in the early 2000s but no one can actually pin-point the exact origin.

KB: What were your inspirations for the designs you created for the video shoot launched in April 2015?

TS: Colour, hi-quality progressive fabrication, 90s sportswear culture. The video was then born out of the smokey patina that the fabric develops over time.

KB: How do you select the materials you use?

TS: We work very hard with a number of factories to source progressive fabrics that are durable and high quality. We always have new fabrics in work and it's extremely important to us to stay ahead of other brands by doing this.

KB: What marketing channel was the most successful for Marshall Artist? (like a rockstar o celebrity sporting your gear in a magazine. I hear the Gallaghers were caught wearing Marshall Artist and other celebrities such as Becks and Jude Law)

TS: In the past those guys actually went in to stores and bought the product and we don't force the issue with notable people like that. There's nothing worse than seeing a staged image of someone wearing your garments unless you've maybe created something special for someone as a one-off. We are going through an era of digital dominance so we just keeping putting what we do out there and hopefully it resonates with people.

KB: What lines of yours have succeeded recently and why you think they have?

TS: Jacket as a category is always strong for us and it's difficult to pick out any particular success stories - the Premium Windcheater from SS15 was a recent big hitter. Our graphic t-shirts have developed a real strong following of late and that's something we're going to be doing more of - we always like cultural references with our t-shirts.

KB: What British bands /artists do you think had the most impact on your fashion label?

TS: There isn't really any brands in particular to mention, it's more cultural influences that impact what we do. We create a lot of classic shapes with progressive fabrics and hopefully this means that people can come to us for something a little bit different from the rest. We're always watchingthe prices too and try to over-deliver on product versus price.

KB: How would you describe your customers?

TS: We have a broad range of customers at the moment which is extremely pleasing for us. Ranging from 18-55 years old. From graphic t-shirts to deconstructed blazers, we try to offer a well-rounded collection. We also have denim launching later this year which will hopefully open us up to new people.

KB: We have a big following outside the UK as well and we wanted to ask you if you have plans to expand to other markets such as the US,Mexico, Brasil, Argentina and other Latin American countries any time soon. Do you get orders from overseas countries?

TS: The brand is actually well established in the US and Canada, we also have stores in Russia, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Vietnam and Hong Kong. The brand has always carried an appeal from overseas and this is something we always try to embrace. Clever use of mixed fabrics can hopefully help to suit different climates at all times of the year despite being lead by the UK.

KB: What are you currently working on?

TS: We've just finished the Autumn/Winter 2016 design and the development will continue on that for the next few weeks and then it will be on to SS17! No time to rest!

KB: Finally, What do you think of Instagram as a tool to fashion retail?

TS: Instagram is currently a superb way of interacting with people connected to the brand. It's very visual and people like that but importantly we like to talk to individuals there - feedback is invaluable and we listen to what people are saying. I think brands can lose sight of what makes them what they are and Instagram is a window directly in to the cultures and the people that shape them.

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