After their first documentary 'Sole Searching' was uploaded a bit more than a year ago...
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After their first documentary 'Sole Searching' was uploaded a bit more than a year ago, adidas Originals traveled to Mataderos in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina to meet once again with the owner of one of the most famous adidas vintage stores on the planet our good friend 'Don Carlos'. This time their visit was part of a new documentary and the launch of the adidas trainers endorsed by Carlos Ruiz.

A few months ago, we had the chance to do an interview with Don Carlos after their first visit to Argentina and just before their second coming. Carlos told KUL BRITANIA a few anecdotes about that trip, his store, how their visit has changed his life, meeting Ian Brown for the first time and the day Kevin Cummins paid him a visit.

In case you don't remember,after a tip off about a store in Argentina full of vintage adidas trainers and clothing, creator of the adidas Originals x Spezial range Gary Aspden together with a team of adidas fanatics, among whom was Stone Roses legend ian Brown, decided to travel to Buenos Aires and check out the store to see if what was found there was actually real.

Gary Aspden and his team travelled to Argentina again last month (October) to present Carlos with the adidas New York SPZL  endorsed by 'Carlos' and inspired on the original adidas New York.

Adidas New York SPZL Carlos launches December 3rd in UK. For more, watch this space.

New York SPZL. This is the 'OG' colourway and will release along with the New York SPZL 'Carlos' edition and two 'Sole searching in South America' graphic tees. Images below.

Exclusive instore pictures feat Ian Brown.

If you are travelling to Argentina, do not hesitate to contact us.

Watch our exclusive interview with Carlos Ruiz. Click on CC button for English subtitles

PH: Pablo Astudillo 


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