Can't actually recall how many concerts I've seen at Niceto Club in Buenos Aires, but definetely quite a few and I ...
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Can't actually recall how many concerts I've seen at Niceto Club in Buenos Aires, but definetely quite a few and I have to say as a relatively small concert venue it really exceeded my expectations last night. The sound was really good and the place was packed indeed.

I arrived at Niceto Club, in the heart of an area known as Palermo Hollywood in Buenos Aires, at  5 pm to do a short interview with Johnny Marr . Doors were opened a little later at about 7.30 pm. It was quite a long wait until the show but definitely worth it. Had great company, though. Our photographer and some of our friends happened to be at the place so we stayed chatting outside a bit and having a few drinks. The place is full of bars and fancy restaurants. 

This was Marr's second visit to Buenos Aires and he was in the capital presenting his new album "Playland" which dropped only 18 months after his debut "the Messenger". It was one seriously amazing gig. People were blown away really. The atmosphere was great and it's quite clear why Marr's gig sold out last night, the guy's an absolute legend ... he is the amazing Johnny Marr.

Marr took to the stage at 9pm sharp. The gig kicked off right on time. Johnny took center stage on vocals and guitar, Jack Mitchell on drums, Iwan Gronow on bass and Doviak on guitar & synthesisers (also co-producer).  The set kicked off with Marr's "Playland", the record’s title track quickly followed by Smiths first song of the night "Panic". The crowd went absolutely mental. People slamming into each other in the mosh pit singing along "Panic on the streets of London...". Pretty intense. Then it was time for upbeat fist-pumper "The Right Thing Right" taken from his debut "The Messenger". After that, Marr started playing dance rock feel tune "Easy Money", Johnny addressed the crowd in Buenos Aires saying, "Buenas Noches Buenos Aires. Nice to see you again!" . "25 Hours" and "New Town Velocity" from his solo albums followed to then deliver another Smiths classic "The Headmaster Ritual" and anthemic "Back in the Box" also taken from his second album.

The setlist continued with one of my favourite tunes off his debut album, title track "The Messenger". The night was a bit cold outside but inside the venue the atmosphere was out of this world with Marr delivering every tune with almost studio perfection.  "Generate, Generate", "Bigmouth Strikes Again", "Candidate", Electronic song "Getting Away with it" to close the first part of the show with, undoubtedly, one of the best songs ever written "There is a Light That Never Goes Out". Could see some guys in their 40s with tears running down their cheeks singing the chorus in unison "And if A double decker bus...". I was quite moved to see that, honestly. What a performer Marr is! One of the very best, he's genuine, he's humble ... a true icon.

Some of the highlitghts of the night seemed to be reserved for the obligatory encore where Marr sums up his incredible talent and all the passion of his guitar in four last songs  "Stop me If You Think You've Heard This One Before", followed by "Upstarts" inspired by rioting in his hometown of Manchester, Depeche Mode's cover "I Feel You" to finally close the 19-track set with hymn "How Soon is Now".

We loved it. The crowd loved it. Johnny Marr was as usual, I guess, on top form and it was an unforgettable night of great music for sure.  At times if we had all closed our eyes, it could have been the mid 80s when me and my brother used to listen to those vinyls in our room.

It was magical! It was amazing. It was THE AMAZING ... JOHNNY FUCKIN MARR.

Remember that Johnny Marr will play BST Hyde Park June 26.

Johnny Marr Niceto1

Johnny Marr Niceto2

Johnny Marr Niceto3

Words: Daniel Rodriguez 

Photos: Pablo Astudillo Fotografías.

Johnny Marr played:

(The Smiths song)
The Right Thing Right
Easy Money
25 Hours
New Town Velocity
The Headmaster Ritual
(The Smiths song)
Back in the Box
The Messenger
(My Monster)
Generate! Generate!
Bigmouth Strikes Again
(The Smiths song)
Getting Away with It
(Electronic song)
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
(The Smiths song)
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
(The Smiths song)
I Feel You
(Depeche Mode cover)
How Soon Is Now?
(The Smiths song)