Can't actually recall how many concerts I've seen at Niceto Club in Buenos Aires, but definetely not my first one...
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Peter Hook at Niceto Club.

Can't actually recall how many concerts I've seen at Niceto Club in Buenos Aires, but definetely not my first one and I have to say as a relatively small concert venue it really exceeded my expectations last night. The sound was really good and wow the place was really packed indeed.

I arrived at the venue at about 7 pm and doors were opened at about 8 pm so it was quite a wait but had great company with our photographer and some of our mates who happened to be at the place so we stayed chatting outside a bit and having a few drinks.

Peter Hook took to the stage at about 9.45. A bit later than expected as the show had been scheduled to kick off at 9.20.  He took center stage on vocals and bass guitar and no wardrobe changes, at least, this time. He was just wearing a light blue-and-white jersey with Maradona's Argentine national team number - 10 - and the name Hooky on it. The set kicked off with New Order's instrumental song "Elegia" taken from their third studio album "Low-Life."

I must say I really enjoyed Peter Hook and the Light at Vorterix in 2013 when they did Movement and Power, Corruption and Lies, so I guess my expectation level was a bit too high this time but I can honestly say it didn't disappoint at all. This time was a little bit different as I didn't actually know what to expect as apparently it was about New Order's Low Life and Brotherhood and a Joy Division set. Based on what he did in Uruguay I thought he was basically going to do the same setlist. However, I was wrong. He changed it in Buenos Aires again. The set was divided into two, the first part was about New Order and the second part about Joy Division.

Jack Bates, Hooky’s son, took the lead on bass on some of the tunes and I was amazed at how good his son is, even in comparison with the legend his father is. I guess that this was another pleasant surprise of the night. The rest of the band are all great musicians indeed.

I like New Order, but for me personally, it is the music of Joy Division that has spoken to me and moved me since I was a little kid.

Joy Division's first song of the night "No Love Lost" drew large cheers from the crowd as it did every tune from one of Manchester's finest. I guess Peter Hook and the Light is a band for people who were there the first time around. A few new fans but lots of old ones who will worship Hookey for bringing those magnificient tunes back to life once again; others will not be too happy about that but you can't please everyone as they say, can you?. And this tour basically is all about the past,  isn't it? Lots of Joy Division and New Order stuff that he should definitely be proud of. If he changed abruptly, you 'd get those accusing him of probably forgetting his roots. Hooky for sure knows all this but at the end of the day, he is doing what he loves and ....hell yes he knows that well! 

Whenever one of those Joy Division or New Order's classics were played you could see that some people in the crowd couldn’t just resist jumping straight into a bit of a mosh-pit as when we were 18 or so and well.... despite the young rockers (more than I'd expected to see perhaps), the audience was basically in between their early thirties and early 40s and a little bit older too.

The biggest thrills of the night were reserved for the encore where Hook sums up his brilliance and all of the sentiments of his bass guitar in four last songs. Atmosphere (Joy Division song), Ceremony (New Order song), Transmission (Joy Division song), to close the set ,( after almost two hours and a half) with the hymn "Love Will Tear Us Apart".

The crowd loved it. Peter Hook was on top form and it was an unforgettable night of great music for sure. We never had the chance to see acts such as Joy Division, so to see Hookey last night at Niceto was awesome. Guess that at times if we had all closed our eyes, it could have been the late 70s, followed by a trip to the mid 80s when me and my brother used to listen to those vinyls in our room.  It was magical! To top it all, Hooky threw his shirt into the crowd to thank fans for their amazing support.

All in all, the gig was great and would definitely go and see Hooky again without a shadow of a doubt.

TXT: Daniel Rodriguez

PH: Pablo Astudillo

Pictures and setlist below