Morrissey rocks Buenos Aires...
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Morrissey has nothing to declare but his genius.

After more than two and a half decades on his own and ten studio albums, Morrissey doesn't have anything to prove, does he? And his gig at Estadio Luna Park in Buenos Aires last night just confirmed his greatness and brilliance.

Can't actually recall how many concerts I've seen at Luna Park in the city of Buenos Aires but definetely quite a few and I have to say, it really exceeded my expectations last night The sound was better than I expected it to be. In a way, The Luna Park Stadium is Argentina’s answer to Madison Square Gardens and on any given Friday, Saturday night in the capital, the 85-year old stadium still might be the place putting on some of the best shows in town and this was defo one of them.

Morrissey and his band arrived on stage a little bit later than expected, bowed to the crowd, greeted the audience and launched straight into an old time classic ‘Suedehead’ taken from his debut album 'Viva Hate'.  Moz seemed full of energy and my gosh what a great voice he's got and how powerful his voice still is. There he was gesticulating and walking around the stage the way that only Morrissey can. What a great performer he is. I remember I had the chance to spend some time with Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown in Buenos Aires and we got talking about Morrissey and he went 'Morrissey doesn't need anyone, does he?' And in a way, it is true, in't it? He needs his band now of course but he is such a talented man that it seems he can do anything on his own.

Anyway, back to the gig itself and second song of the night, the beautiful 'Alma Matters'. So glad to hear this one myself. I don't know why but it's one of my personal favourites off his solo stuff. Quickly followed by the first Smiths songs of the night and one that Morrissey does not play very often; the classic 'This Charming Man' followed by probably one of the catchiest and most uplifting song of  'You Are the Quarry', 'First Of The Gang To Die'.The crowd absolutely loved it. Four absolute classics played one after each other. What a way to start a show that was.

I could see fans in the front row going deep into hysteria as Moz launched into these classic  songs. You always get the impression that there might be stage invasions at any time of the show and after every song he plays. There weren't any, though, more's the pity.  I enjoy those moments. In Argentina, Morrissey must have some of the most devoted fans around Latin America.His fans absolutely adore him and everything he does.

'You Have Killed Me' and 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business', the latter was the first single from his tenth studio album 'WPINOB' and 'Speedway' taken from Vauxhall and I were the next songs  which preceded the second Smiths' track of the night 'How Soon Is Now' with fans once again going absolutely mad when they heard the first words  'I'm The Son and The Heir' shouting in unison '...of a shyness that is criminally vulgar'. This song brought back so many good memories . I remember me and my brother would spend hours and hours listening to the Smiths vynils in our room.

After a few more songs from his solo work, Morrissey launched into a cover of Elvis Presley's 'You'll Be Gone'. Another unquestioned highlight of the night for us  was classic tune "Everyday Is Like Sunday" which has remained one of Morrissey's  most memorable songs of his entire career. It was great seeing all those hands in the air singing along "Everyday is like Sunday, Everyday is silent and grey"

The night is then brought to a poignant finale with one of Smiths finest track; 'The Queen Is Dead' released almost 30 years ago with hundreds of fans (perhaps fuelled by beer) embracing the moment and singing along “Life is very long, when you're lonely”. This final track creates a visible feeling of triumph among many of the 10,000 in attendance in Buenos Aires.

All in all, we loved it. The fans loved it. It was an unforgettable night of great music with Morrissey smashing through a 23-song set featuring old and new songs. If I was asked if there was one word to sum the concert up, I guess that word would be ... 'MAGICAL'.

Last time Morrissey was in the capital was in 2012. No need to wait another three years, make this an annual event!


TXT: Daniel Rodríguez

PH: BetoLandoni

Special thanks to: SilGomezCaje

Morrissey Luna1

Morrissey Luna2

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Morrissey played 

Alma Matters
This Charming Man
(The Smiths song)
First of the Gang to Die
You Have Killed Me
World Peace Is None of Your Business
How Soon Is Now?
(The Smiths song)
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Kiss Me a Lot
The World Is Full of Crashing Bores
Staircase at the University
You'll Be Gone
(Elvis Presley cover)
Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed
Everyday Is Like Sunday
The Bullfighter Dies
Jack the Ripper
What She Said
(The Smiths song) (with "Rubber Ring" outro)
Meat Is Murder
(The Smiths song)
Let Me Kiss You
I Will See You in Far-Off Places
The Queen Is Dead
(The Smiths song)