Recorded at Black Barn Studios
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Bruce Foxton | Smash The Clock

Recorded at Black Barn Studios, co-written with From The Jam vocalist/guitarist Russell Hastings and crowd funded through Pledge Music, Smash The Clock is a corker of an album that delights from start to finish.

Opening track ‘Now The Time Has Come’ immediately elates the ear with some nice brass setting the scene. ‘Round & Round’ follows with a mesmerizing groove alongside Hastings’ fine vocal. Throw in a tasty guitar riff and the track is an early standout. Featuring Paul Weller on guitar, ‘Pictures & Diamonds’ instantly commands attention and with the organ has a real psychedelic feel that would not be out of place on Paul’s current album Saturns Pattern. ‘Louder’ is another high-point. Lyrically the song is a throw-back to days gone by “all the boys stood up in line the girls sat by their feet, looking out to sea so far to the one they wanna meet”. The acoustic track is a cracker piercing the listener’s subconscious ensuring Hastings is not the only one singing “play it louder”.

‘Full Circle’ also catches the ear with Manfred Mann’s Paul Jones on harmonica and Wilko Johnson on guitar adding depth to the track while ‘Writing On The Wall’ is another delicate and well crafted number. Title track ‘Smash The Clock’ follows with Foxton declaring the meaning behind the track is “good music is ageless and timeless”, evidently so with Foxton and Hastings rolling back the years to deliver a formidable album.  


Words: Bazza Mills

Twitter: @bazzamills

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Now the Time Has Come Bruce Foxton 2.52

Round & Round Bruce Foxton 3:40

Pictures & Diamonds Bruce Foxton 3:06

Louder Bruce Foxton 3:11​

Sunday Morning Bruce Foxton 2:26

Full Circle Bruce Foxton 2:54

Smash The Clock Bruce Foxton 2:37

Back Street, Dead Street Bruce Foxton 2:40

Writing on the Wall Bruce Foxton 3:11

There Are Times Bruce Foxton 3:09

Alright Now Bruce Foxton 2:54

Running Away from You Bruce Foxton 2.51

50 Yards Down Sandy Lane Bruce Foxton 2.29