Weller reveals he's written half of the album to follow A Kind Revolution
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In an interview with Q Magazine, Paul Weller talked about his next studio album , A Kind Revolution.

The title of Paul Weller’s upcoming 13th solo studio album, A Kind Revolution, might suggest that it’s to be the singer’s most overtlypolitical record since the days of The Style Council and Red Wedge back in the ’80s. Not necessarily, says its creator.

“I think it’s more to do with human or social politics really,” Weller reasons. “It’s like, ‘Where’s the new peace movement?’ It feels like the stirrings of World War III and, obviously, we can’t let that happen. So, really, it’s about having some kind of spiritual revolution born out of love, compassion and hope, as opposed to a revolution where everyone slaughters even more of each other.”

Weller’s already written half of the album to follow A Kind Revolution, which at this point he’s imagining will be acoustic based with some orchestration. “I wanna try and get it out formy 60th [in May 2018],” he says, with a characteristic sense of urgency. “I can’t fuck about, man. I gotta get on with it. There’s so much to do.”

As ever, it seems, Paul Weller is racing against time, with plenty of creative fuel still left in the tank.

What a man Paul Weller is. Already working on another album when his 13th has not been released yet.


Source: Q Magazine