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Tifosy and their campaign | Make Safe Standing Happen

What is this campaign about?

  • This is the campaign to install the first "safe standing area" in England or Wales, creating a showcase for safe standing that will help to bring forward its introduction at other clubs.
  • All the proceeds from the campaign will support the first installation at Shrewsbury Town, and after that, future FSF-backed safe standing projects.

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During my interview with Noel Gallagher in Buenos Aires, I asked him about all seater grounds and what he thought and he told me: "It's sad that people have to sit down but there's a reason they have to sit down because they f#### can't behave themselves when they stand up" . Full interview HERE

What do YOU think? For or Against Safe standing?

Check out this video below of terraces in Buenos Aires....There are seats but there are areas where you can still stand. 

Read this, ten best grounds to visit in Buenos Aires.

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Source: Tifosy