Three Stroke Productions established in London 1997
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Three Stroke Productions was established in London in 1997. With style, identity and originality the brand has always aimed to capture the subcultures of mod and football terrace casual through fine clothing.

The roots of their early years are now endorsed by a contemporary approach made from high quality fabrics and great attention to details. Most of their garments are manufactured to the highest quality in Italy where they work with a selection of family run clothing companies in the north east of the country.

Shirts: “We believe that a shirt is an important piece of clothing. It has to deliver a sense of elegance but at the same time qualitywise, it cannot be a compromise. Shirts play a crucial role within our collection: they can, on their own deliver class and style to your outfit.”

T-shirts: "We work with a team of top freelance graphic designers and photographers from mainly England, Wales, Brazil, Indonesia and Italy. We invest a lot into research to create lots of "original" images. We do our own photo shooting and focus on real people from within the scene. Every image delivers a message. Protest, Irony, Pride, and Fun."
The brand is currently distributed in over 60 outlets in Italy, England France, Hungary, Sweden, Poland, and Russia.

The complete collection is made up of 40 various pieces, so it's smaller compared to some of those of their main competitors. Although their standards in quality and manufacturing are definitely up there with the best, and their style and reliable service certainly represent important aspects about those who make the brand. 

Three Stroke run a Facebook page with 27k + members. 

They ship worldwide. Visit their website to see their new collection 

They are very active as proud sponsors within the music and martial arts scenes.


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