The Who Thrill Crowd at historic Buenos Aires concert
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Fifty years after their debut album came out and for the first time ever in Buenos Aires, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend proved on Sunday night (Oct 1) why they still are one of the most influential bands in the world putting on an unforgettable show at one of Buenos Aires most beautiful venues.

The show took place at Estadio Unico de La Plata located 50km away from downtown Buenos Aires. It was the band's first show in Argentina and probably their last in South America. The legendary band led by Daltrey and Townshend delighted fans with a 90 minute-set with familiar anthems such as 'My Generation', 'Behind Blue Eyes', 'The Seeker' among others.

The band took to the stage at around 8.15 pm and the set kicked off with 'I Can't Explain' which was the quartet's debut single after changing their name from the High Numbers to the Who quickly followed by 'The Seeker', 'Who Are You?'and 'The Kids Are Alright' with Townshend dedicating the latter to the crowd who went absolutely mental singing along "The kids are alright ...".

The setlist continued with all of their classics 'I Can See For Miles', anthemic 'My Generation'; probably featuring the most ferociously powerful guitars and drums yet captured on a rock record at the time it was released, 'Behind Blue Eyes' and 'Pinball Wizard' with Daltrey, Townshend and the rest of the band delivering every tune with almost studio perfection. Daltrey's voice is just amazing. He's; without a shadow of a doubt, one of the great Rock voices of all time and Townshend is an incredibly talented guitarist who delivers his trademark power chords like no other. Throughout the night, it seemed as if both surviving members of the iconic band were defying age and I wondered 'Is this really their last tour? Are they really calling it a day? I don't think they should, to be honest. They sounded as good and as powerful as ever and I guess that those young kids who were there on Sunday (Oct 1) probably not for The Who but for Guns and Roses, who were the main headliners, were impressed by the show given by two people in their early 70's who had the energy and passion of a 20 year-old man.

The gig came to an end in powerhouse fashion with two great anthemic tunes "Baba O'Riley"; a song which is like a piece of classical music that everyone has heard a million times and loves with young and old singing in unison:

“Teenage wasteland.
It's only teenage wasteland.
Teenage wasteland.
Oh, yeah,
Teenage wasteland.
They're all wasted!”

and "Won't Get Fooled Again" proving that The Who are still in admirable form and leaving fans of all ages with plenty of great memories of an unforgettable night. I'm sure The Who have performed in many special places during their 50-year career but this was no ordinary concert; it was a historic event for all those who were in attendance as it was their first and probably their last show in the capital. Hats off then to Daltrey and Townshend and their amazing live show. Hope this is not their last tour and they keep on delivering their great music for a long, long time.


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I Can't Explain

The Seeker

Who Are You

The Kids Are Alright

I Can See for Miles

My Generation
(with "Cry If You Want" snippet)

Behind Blue Eyes

Join Together

You Better You Bet

I'm One

Love, Reign O'er Me
(with snippet of "Tattoo"… more )

Amazing Journey
(with snippet of "Captain… more )


Pinball Wizard

See Me, Feel Me

Baba O'Riley

Won't Get Fooled Again

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