The Story of Skinhead
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The Story of Skinhead

Check out this documentary in which director and DJ Don Letts looks at a very particular and very provocative British subculture - skinhead. He explores how skinhead has become associated with street fighting, trouble on the football terraces and violent racism in the public consciousness in Britain and around the world, but reveals that its origins lie in a cultural coming together that could not be further from its tarnished image.

He visits  John Simmons shop which became the Holy Grail for skinheads. Mr Simmons was the man who gave the Harrington jacket its name. The Harrington was named after Rodney Harrington who was wearing a baracuta jacket in the series Peyton Place. They started selling in Mr Simmons shop marketing it as 'The Rodney Harrington Jacket'

After a while the 'Rodney' Harrington jacket was dropped and they just called it 'The Harrington Jacket'