The Story behind the Live Forever Video
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Live Forever is probably one of the most emotional anthems of the 1990's but do you know the story behind the guitar featured in the Live Forever Music video?

Well Oasis, as you may know already, is one of the best bands ever at least for me. It reminds me of all those glorious 90s days but anyway, I just wanted to share with you this story which perhaps you've heard before.

Definitely Maybe came out in 94 and one of the hit singles was 'Live Forever' great song, an anthem I would say and a very positive song in comparison to the grunge of the early 90's. Well I remember I heard Noel Gallagher say once that it was in a way opposed to this Nirvana idea and their song 'I Hate Myself and I want to Die'. It was just the opposite. It was I wanna live forever. You and I are gonna live forever.

But well going back to the videos, and I say videos cos two vides were shot one for Britain and the rest of the world and one for the US market.

Well in the British version we can see Liam and Noel and the rest of the band Bonehead etc and there's a guitar solo in the video and there's a story behind that guitar as it had belonged to Johnny Marr.

One night when Oasis were relatively unkown, Noel invited Marr to go see them play live. Johnny went and after this gig Noel asked him what he thought to which Marr replied: "Great. Fantastic! But you are spending ages tuning up (NG had this old guitar and in between songs he would tune in the guitar for minutes) You've got to get another guitar.' to which Noel replied 'It's easy for you to say you've got a hundred guitars but I'm on the dole. I'm skint' So Marr thought 'Oh yeah that's right. I'll lend you one of mine' So he went back to his house and started looking at his guitar thinking what guitar he could give him 'I can't give'im a cheap one. I've got to him a decent one.' He thought. So he had a gibson les paul which he had got from Pete Townshend. 'It was worth a fortune. He was really excited when I gave it to him.' So he gave him that one. And it is the one that is in the Live Forever video when Noel is playing the guitar solo.

Great Story anyway... I will then tell you how it continues. WHAT  A STORY AYE?


You can watch the two videos below the official one and the US LIve Forever video