The Stone Roses have announced this morning that they will release a new album next year and will emark on a new tour around the UK and Europe...
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In 2011 when the band got back together, they promised a new resurrection and plans to release new material as well. In fact, it was believed the band had signed two record deals. The truth is that since their live shows back in 2012, little has been revealed on progress on a new studio album. Mani and Ian Brown hinted that the band would release new material but that never materialised.

The rumours of a Stone Roses' new album or announcement started last week when former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher was asked about the band and replied: "The Roses are blooming". 

Posters of the iconic lemon logo were seen this morning at the Close barber's shop, on Greater Ancoats Street, as well as the Vinyl Revival record store, on Hilton Street in their hometown of Manchester.

So will a new Roses album be released next year? What do you think then? Fingers crossed.

A while ago, our friend John Robb said: "the band members don't want to spoil it by coming back with the wrong record, he insisted "the Stone Roses MUST never be average". Robb strongly believes the Roses don't feel finished and that there is still plenty in the motor and that they could be starting to rehearse again soon.

Watch this space!!

For further information, visit their official facebook page