Ahead of their three concerts in 2016, we put together our ultimate Stone Roses playlist...
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Ahead of their sold out concerts and the release of a third studio album in 2016, we put together our ultimate Stone Roses playlist feat 10 of their best songs and videos.

The Roses' entire output so far consists of only two studio albums and a handful of singles. The number of compilations outnumbers their proper album releases. However, that debut album paved the way for a new generation of British bands, making the Stone Roses one of the most influential groups in the last three decades.

We've heard recently that the band will release some new music soon. Hope they drop some new tunes before June..

We have picked some of their best songs.But it is true that it is always hard to pick the best and that's why we think these are some of their best. Hope you enjoy the Stone Roses gigs in Manchester!!

For tickets to the Manchester shows visit HERE, and for T in the Park


Sally Cinnamon

I Wanna Be Adored

She Bangs the Drums

Made of Stone

I Am the Resurrection

Love Spreads

One Love

Ten Storey Love Song

All Across the Sands

Fools Gold