The Sherlocks | Live For The Moment | Album Review
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The Sherlocks – Live For The Moment

Sheffield four-piece The Sherlocks release their debut album Live For The Moment on 18th August and is an absolute thumper! Consisting of two sets of brothers, Kiaran Crook (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Brandon Crook (drums), Josh Davidson (vocals/lead guitar) and Andy Davidson (backing vocals/bass guitar) Live For The Moment was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales and produced by Gavin Monaghan.

Since first hearing The Sherlocks live back in 2015 I have been anticipating the release of their debut album and now it is here, I can confirm the wait has been worth it. The Sherlocks have honed and matured their songs on the live circuit playing over 1200 gigs and supported some of the biggest names in the business including Richard Ashcroft and Kings Of Leon. The result is dynamite with soaring guitars and catchy riffs present throughout, Live For The Moment is likely to propel the band into the mainstream charts and onto the arena circuit.

Brandon Crook’s crashing drums on opening track ‘Will You Be There?’ split the airwaves from the opening seconds and by the time his brother joins in singing “when they all stop falling, will you be there?” the party is well and truly underway. The anthemic opener sets the tone and with title track ‘Live For The Moment’ and live favourite ‘Escapade’ following it ensures the foot stomping and fist pumping continues. With an infectious guitar riff that will be running through your head for days, ‘Live For The Moment’ is an instant floor-filling anthem for a generation deprived of real music whilst ‘Escapade’ erupts to a climatic finale leaving the listener panting but wanting more at the same time.

At times the beast initially unleashed in the opening tracks appears tamed; ‘Chasing Shadows’ is a radio-friendly number that reminds of the commercially friendly Kings Of Leon whilst the reflective ‘Blue’ sparks but fails to ignite, it is a debut album after all! Thankfully the fire is refuelled with the riffs and pounding drums on ‘Was It Really Worth It?’ hooking in the listener once again. Slow burner ‘Turn The Clock’ reminds of Shed Seven and is well placed in the album to provide some variation. Lyrically reflective the track indicates a maturity experienced the old fashioned way; through intensive gigging up and down the country.

Experienced live there is an infectious energy about The Sherlocks with their sound echoing the Courteeners/Artic Monkeys(perhaps there is another older brother) evident in ‘Last Night’, another highpoint that provides a perfect opportunity for teenage girls (and boys) to sing their lungs worth back at the stage. Lyrically there appears a tendency to float between triumph and struggle (these are working class lads after all) but it works all the same. There’s a revolution coming and The Sherlocks might just be the band to lead the charge (for the teenagers anyway).


‘Live For The Moment’ due for release August 18th. Pre-order the album here:

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Words: Bazza Mills

Twitter: @bazzamills