The band cofronted by Doherty and Barat have started...
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The band cofronted by Doherty and Barat have started work on a new record, having released their third studio album 'Anthems For Doomed Youth' last year.

Carl Barat and John Hassall spoke to NME at last night's  NME Awards 2016 and confirmed that they have been working on new music.

"We're just negotiating a new deal with Virgin at the moment [for] the new album," Hassall said "So it's all looking good."

Barat then went on to add: "We've not really stopped writing. [We've got] bags of music" and said that the band have "had the best year of their lives" over the past twelve months.  "It's been a right blessing. It's really exciting. It's just like we're kids again really," he continued.

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PH: Bazza Mills