The Libertines Thrill Crowd in Buenos Aires
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Almost two decades after tha band co fronted by Doherty and Barat burst onto the scene, The Libertines finally made their live debut in Buenos Aires at a place called Tecnopolis which is the largest science, technology, and art mega exhibition centre in Latin America located in a place called Villa Martelli on the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires.  A 30-minute drive to centre of the city.

At around 9.15 pm, The Libertines were met with a rapturous reception as they walked on stage. Co fronted by Doherty and Barat, the band launched straight into 'The Delaney', track that sent the place into some sort of frantic pogo madness. Wow! Love that ! (Too old for all that pogoing, though, more's the pity). Quickly followed by 'Barbarians' song taken from their latest release 'Anthems For Doomed Youth'. As Barat told us in a recent interview 'The new songs seem to have been there for a long time' And frankly, it was true as people just loved them as much as the old classics. As it was expected, tracks from 2015’s comeback album 'Anthems For Doomed Youth' feature heavily especially at the beginning of the set with 'Heart of The Matter', 'Fame and Fortune' before playing another song from their old catalogue 'Boys in the Band'. 

Their best tracks played last night at Tecnopolis in Buenos Aires were the old classics, of course; great rock n roll songs which became the anthems of the post Brit pop generation; songs such as 'What Katie Did', 'Tell The King', 'Can't Stand me Now', ' Time for Heroes' definitely one of the highlights of the night when they started singing 'Did You See the Stylish Kids in the riot?' ... Their fans there last night were having the time of their lives really singing along to 'What Kaite Did', 'Music When Lights Go Out' and 'You Are My Waterloo'. Guess another fan favourite was actually their first single from their last studio album 'Gunga Din' with many in the crowd pogoing and attempting to crowd surf. It was mental really. The bouncers and security were there to manage stage invasions and crowd surfing situations in case things got a bit out of control.

The crowd was a mix of supporters consisting of those who had grown up listening to the Libertines' first album and a whole new generation of fans – those who were probably too young to ever think they would see the band live again especially after they broke up after their second studio album back in 2004. Some were in their early twenties some probably hadn't even been born when the Libertines first burst onto the scene, but that didn’t seem to matter, they were there to experience one of the most influential bands of the past 15 years or so. This was no ordinary concert. It was the band’s first South American tour ever and also the first time people got to hear their new and old material live.

The unforgettable night was then brought to a poignant finale with one of the greatest indie anthems ever written; 'Don't Look Back Into the Sun' with fans embracing the moment and singing along “Don't look back into the sun... Now you know that the time has come And they said it would never come for you oh oh oh oh” which created a visible feeling of triumph among many in Buenos Aires.

All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable set full of their anthemic songs delivered by the boys in the band co fronted by Peter and Carl, an energetic set with no gaps, and no encore this time with a great selection of classic old and new songs. The band sounded as vast, powerful and iconic as ever providing a soundtrack to the lives of many who were there last night.

For us and for most of those in attendance last night in Buenos Aires, seeing the Libertines perform live was something magical. I would say ... Epic.

One last thing, can we just make this an annual event please? There is no need to wait for so long to see The Libertines again, is there?

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Special thanks to: Tony, Mario and Jai for sorting everything out for us and the Libertines!!


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The Libertines played

The Delaney
Heart of the Matter
Fame and Fortune
Boys in the Band
What Katie Did
You're My Waterloo
Gunga Din
Can't Stand Me Now
Tell the King
Death on the Stairs
Time for Heroes
The Good Old Days
Music When the Lights Go Out / Albion
Up the Bracket
Don't Look Back Into the Sun