The Courteeners  confirmed their new album
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The Courteeners confirmed their new album during their set at T in the Park festival (July 8).

Frontman Liam Fray told fans that the group had finished recording their fifth studio album.

Speaking to the M.E.N, Liam Fray said the latest record was due out at the end of the year, or start of 2017.

Describing the album he said: “There are no drops in this one. I feel we let people off a bit with the last one. This one’s going to get you in the face, or body, or ears...”

The band have been performing at T in the Park since 2008 and says the country is like their second home.

He said: “I think there’s a certain affiliation between the Mancs and the Scots. They are always super up for it and there’s never nerves like when there are when you play other places. It’s like a second home.”

Their last album, ‘Concrete Love’, was released in 2014.

Watch the Courteeners play 'Not Nineteen Forever' at T in the Park.

PH: Bazza Mills

Source: MEN