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Sneaker festivals are an event one would probably associate with the States, where sneaker collecting is, without a doubt, a multibillion-dollar business. There are thousands of sneaker collectors and festivals which thousands of people attend in New York and the west coast.

There are also very popular events in the UK like the one held in Liverpool called Laces Out.  Well it seems the Internet has made the craze crazier and the first sneakerhead was held yesterday (Sept 18) in Buenos Aires) . Hundreds of people attended SneakerheadAr Fest and one of the special guests was our friend Carlos Ruiz, who owns - as many of you probably know - one of the most sacred shrines among adidas collectors. Carlos Ruiz was interviewed yesterday and talked about the Sole Searching documentaries which took place in Buenos Aires.

When asked about what it was like to endorse his own adidas shoes, Carlos said: "Well, there's only two Argentine people who have endorsed adidas trainers in Argentina ... one is me and the other one is Messi. How about that? " he said laughing.  Carlos Ruiz Deportes has been visited by thousands of people worldwide and we even took former Oasis guitarist, Noel Gallagher to the shop at the beginning of the year.

You can have a look at some pictures below.





Pablo, one of the organizers behind Sneakerhead

Carlos Ruiz during the interview.


Adidas New York Carlos Ruiz2

Adidas New York Carlos Ruiz4