Skinhead to raves: Gavin Watson’s photos to feature in new play
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A photographer's pictures of the skinhead and rave scenes in and around his hometown are to form the basis of a new play about British youth tribes.

Gavin Watson's images from the 1980s record his own journey from one scene to the other.

"Replacing the skinhead scene with raves opened our minds - the world became a bigger place," said Watson.

Theatre director Harry Burton said the "authenticity" in the photos could translate into a story.

Burton, 58, hopes the photographs can be incorporated into the as-yet-unnamed theatre production.

"I was as wary of skinheads as most middle-class kids, but I was always switched on to ska and reggae - music was the link for me," said Burton, probably best known for his Channel 4 documentary Working with Pinter.

"I'm a great admirer of the spirit of Gavin's work and the authenticity - the natural talent that he brought, his eye, the moment, the group, the feeling of family, the unforced nature of it.

"The scene that Gavin photographed was a million miles from the cliché of racist, Nazi skinheads - his gang had black kids in it."

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