Shaun Ryder on new Happy Mondays album
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In an interview wih Express, Shaun Ryder talked about a new Happy Mondays album and said:

“We’re sounding better than ever, we’re playing better than ever. “I hope no one dies from the band before we get there. That would be…well actually that wouldn’t be surprising would it?

“We’ve all grown old and I’m glad we’re all really boring. I loved it back in the day,  l loved all the madness and I just love the complete calmness of now."

When it came to new music, he said: “Next year it’s gonna be all about Black Grape [Shaun’s other band], so we’re gonna tour that new album." and added “Hopefully the year after that, which will be 2019, we’ll get a Happy Mondays album done then. If it’s not 2019, it’ll be 2020."

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Source: Express

PH: Bazza Mills