Serge Pizzorno: "Liam Gallagher saved my life. He has a place in my heart"
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In an interview with Q Magazine, Serge Pizzorno said Liam Gallagher ‘saved his life’ and he said that he is always going to be fascinated by what he does because he has a place in his heart'.

Pizzorno went on to hail the former Oasis frontman as one of the ‘all-time greats’.

Speaking to Q Magazine, when he said that Liam ‘has a place in my heart’ – and described how he fell in love with the singer during his teenage years.

“He saved my life,” said Pizzorno. “This path that I’ve walked – if I’d not have seen him get up on stage and do his thing, I wouldn’t have walked it. I’m always going to be fascinated by what he does because he has a place in my heart." “I was 14, 15, and I remember when they did Maine Road he wore an Umbro tracksuit. An Umbro tracksuit on anyone is a sports tracksuit, but he managed to make it look like the most desirable item of clothing. He managed to make it look like Gucci or something, and I bought one and wore it to school.”

Serge also said how Liam had supported Kasabian during the ‘early days’ of their career.

“I will never forget that in the early days he picked us out and said he was a fan. You can’t imagine what that was like for some kids from Leicester, from nowhere, for him to give us the nod. I will never forget that.”

Describing his relationship with Liam, he added: “He’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life. His sense of humour – if you spend time with him it’s such a buzz, he’s just so funny.”

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Source: NME

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