Richard Ashcroft snaps back at Noel Gallagher's comments
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Richard Ashcroft has responded to claims by Noel Gallagher that he has an "army of songwriters" helping him write his music.

The former Oasis star said on the Sodajerker podcast recently: “I’m offended by singer/songwriters who when you scratch the surface don’t do any f***ing songwriting.

"As far as I’m aware if you scratch the surface of any solo artist in Britain and they’ve all got a team of songwriters behind them apart from me, Paul Weller and Johnny Marr, I’m struggling to think of anybody else.”

Gallagher then listed a number of artists he believed benefited from songwriters: “Richard Ashcroft, our kid [Liam Gallagher], all the way to f***ing Ed Sheeran and the little fella from One Direction, they’ve all got an army of songwriters behind them.”

Ashcroft shot back on Twitter: “I don’t write my own songs? You want to qualify that NG."

In other news, in an exclusive interview I did with RA I asked him about collaborating with Noel Gallagher.

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source: the independent 

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