Richard Ashcroft on the state of modern indie
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Richard Ashcroft has spoken out about the state of modern indie, saying that he’d ‘rather listen to Rihanna than 90% of this critically-acclaimed shit’.

In an interview with Radio X, Ashcroft  said that a song having ‘indie credentials’ didn’t necessarily make it better.

“Just because something’s kinda indie and whatever and only a few people know it, it doesn’t give it more authenticity over Rihanna’s Work work work,” he said.  “I’d rather listen to the intro of her tune than 90% of the shit that is supposedly critically acclaimed or alternative rock.”

Speaking of how The Verve’s seminal hit ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ opened his eyes to more mainstream music, he added: “It proves to me you can do something unique and the public can still accept it and it can still be huge and popular.”

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Source: NME / Radio X 

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