Richard Ashcroft has said that he would be open...
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Richard Ashcroft has said that he would be open to working with Noel Gallagher, telling NME in a new interview: "in the future who knows what might happen".

In an exclusive interview with NME ahead of the release of his new album 'These People', Ashcroft said the music industry had sold itself to Cowell and he continued:

"It’s sold itself up the river, stabbed people in the back instead of trying to create a good, solid British music alternative. Turn left for Cowell, turn right for this. The mainstream consumed our culture."

"You can get as many songwriters in a room as you want for your new talent show contest winner, it’s never gonna sound like a great Noel Gallagher song sung by Liam, it’s never gonna reach ‘Live Forever’, it’s never gonna be [Verve song] ‘Lucky Man’. We know that."

Ashcroft also had time to talk about Noel Gallagher who said recently that he would love to record with former The Verve's frontman and replied: "It’s a great compliment for Noel to say something like that, and in the future who knows what might happen. I wish things like this would’ve happened years ago."

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Ashcroft also announced a series of comeback gigs.


Source: NME