Richard Ashcroft on Oasis' Live Forever and his songs
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In an interview with Steve Lamacq, Richard Ashcroft remembered the days when he went to the States with the Gallagher brothers.  Ashcroft remembered the days when he went to the US with the Gallagher brothers.

'I played a few of those songs when I was there and I said to them "You've got 'Live Forever' and that but wait until I record these cos I've got 'Sonnet' 'The Drugs Don't Work' 'Lucky Man', 'Space and Time' and I think at that point Liam already had a demo and he knew the words of 'Space and Time' all the way through and he was mad for it.We were at one point trying to encourage ourselves to bigger and better things." And added "I think there's a few a people I've got to thank even like Noel cos he's always been incredibly supportive."

Finally he said: "We wanted to be different from day one. I wanted my songs to be transcendent and spiritual in a way."

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Source: BBC 6

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