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The Verve legend told Radio X's Gordon Smart that his "candid" autobiography would act as a "deterrent".

Richard Ashcroft has revealed that if he wrote his autobiography, it would be "nuclear". Asked by Gordon Smart if he'd ever write one of his own, the former Verve frontman replied: "You never know.  "I think it's a good threat to anyone who wants to make up any bull about what happened in my life, before I just say listen 'You know I'm gonna write a book, so you can say what you want now...'"

Ashcroft added: "So I think can be tremendous- it's almost like a nuclear weapon. It's a deterrent. My book is my deterrent to anyone who wants to re-write my history or the way I saw it, you know what I'm saying?"

Talking about memoirs in general,Ashcroft called them "embarrassing" on the whole. He explained: "Being frank I'd say a lot of them can't truly go there, unless a lot of the main protagonists are either dead or, you know... a lot of it is a watered down version."


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Source: Radio X