Richard Ashcroft: "No one in the world’s got near Out Of My Body"
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The former Verve leader faced a grilling from the Q readers on one of his biggest regrets? 

"I regret that I didn’t do the big decisions earlier, but other than that, no – that’s just the way it is and it couldn’t have turned out any better. The fundamental one was, I suppose, not seeing Urban Hymns through as a solo album. That’s not to disrespect anyone from the band – it’s more that it took years of misinformation and misunderstanding about the fundamentals of that album and what the process was. But then again, that would change a lot of things, so it’s a bit like Back To The Future – you can’t start changing a single element. A single hair can’t be changed."

Then Ashcroft said about Out Of My Body: "“No one in the world’s got near Out Of My Body. If Kanye had made it, people would be frothing at the f**king mouth.”

In other news, Richard Ashcroft said he'd play gig with Liam Gallagher.


via: Q

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