In an interview with Radio X
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In an interview with Radio X, Richard Ashcroft said he's not worried about unveiling new material, but is "always ready for the fight" when he releases his music.

Asked by Radio X's Phil Clifton if he ever gets nerves about bringing out new music, he replied: "I don't really" and added: "I know at the same time when I'm realising it there'll be a certain strain of the music industry that will have a resistance against what I do.  "It's always gonna be there, so I'm ready for the fight when I release something".

Then talking about his 'They Don't Own me' single, Ashcroft said: "I think I went for it  as a contrast to Hold On, to show the album's got other sides to it as well. "It's an epic."

Regarding his upcoming arena shows in December,  Ashcroft  said: "There are gonna be nights hopefully where we're gonna have that thing again that me and my audince had at those smaller gigs a few weeks ago, so I'm really looking forward to that as well."

In other news, Ashcroft's friend Liam Gallagher to make comeback.


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