Peter Hook and The Light | Live Review and Photos
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Peter Hook took to the stage at about 9.10. A bit later than expected as the show had been scheduled to kick off at 9.  He took center stage on vocals and bass guitar. No wardrobe changes throughout the set this time in the Argentine capital. The show spanned 31 songs in which Hooky performed the albums 'Substance' by Joy division and new Order. 

The set kicked off with New Order's song "Lonesome Tonight" and was quickly followed by 'Procession'. The first part of the set finished with 1963 after almost 60 minutes of amazing tracks. All those present in Buenos Aires were treated to a mammoth run of New Order and Joy Division hits. The crowd at Niceto cheered and sang along every song feeding off Hooky's energy and some punk vibes ran high as we hit the end of the set.

The truth is that Hooky probably delivers more in an encore than most bands play in a complete 90 minute set finishing his mammoth set with 'Transmision', 'Atmosphere' and 'Love Will Tear us Apart'.

The enormous musical contribution Hooky has made over the last 4 decades to the music world is just amazing really. First, as a founding member of one of the most iconic bands ever, Joy Division and then also as a member of New Order.

In the audience, there were people aged from their early 20s to their late 50s and more pogoing like mad, and every single one of them was devouring a sound that can only come from an artist like Peter Hook.

As the saying goes, time flies when you are enjoying yourself, I'm sure Hooky could have done a 90 minute set of greatest hits but played every song the fans wanted to hear in Buenos Aires. I'm sure the hardcore fans went home happy hearing songs live they probably never thought they would hear again as well.

All in all, the gig was fantastic, the atmosphere was awesome and would definitely go and see Hooky again without a shadow of a doubt.

TXT: Daniel Rodriguez

PH: Pablo Astudillo

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