The Libertines are on ice for the next 12 months
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The Libertines are on ice for the next 12 months, while Doherty, Carl Barât and bassist John Hassall all focus on solo projects.

There are, however, a few gigs on the cards. “I’m always the last to know, of course, but apparently we’re playing some gigs in Chile, argentina and Brazil,” Doherty says. “i’ve got a feeling i’m gonna love it over there.”

Then when asked if he ever finds it difficult to write songs as Turner or even McCartney, Doherty tells NME: “I wish that would happen, because I could just crack onto something else. But it just keeps coming. I think I’ve got a lot of wasted… I’ve got a lot of things invested in my songwriting and it drains me. Too many things get in the way of the essence.”

Fans should keep an eye on their solo shows too – at Doherty’s second Hackney empire gig in May, all four Libs ended up jamming onstage."

The Libertines are playing Festival BUE in Buenos Aires in October. Tickets HERE.