In an interview with, Libertines frontman ...
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In an interview with, Libertines frontman Pete Doherty talked about his love of Morrissey and Marr and his long term plans for the Libertines.

Speaking about favourite songwriters and guitarists, Doherty said: “I like a lot of old blues guitarists; Blind Blake, Mississippi John Hurt... I like the traditional stuff they'd do and then claim it as their own. I like a lot of country and western, things like Merle Haggard, Hank Williams. And Django Reinhardt. I love The Beatles, great songwriters. I like [The Smiths'] Morrissey and Marr... I've got a picture in my head of those two sat down in the kitchen writing songs and I can almost hear it  - must have been a really special time. I can imagine Johnny Marr lost in his riffs and then like sort of looking up and wondering what Morrissey's warblin' on about.  They had all angles covered, really, and they were both complete craftsmen. Morrissey never stopped writing great songs.” said Pete Doherty.

Finally, on his long term plans for the Libertines, Doherty said:"I have long term plans for The Libertines. And it is to take it as it comes...”


PH: Bazza Mills