Peaky Blinders: Paul Anderson tags David Beckham in a season 6 Teaser
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Peaky Blinders fans have been waiting for updates ever since season 5's dramatic finale aired last year.

But now the rumour mill has gone into overdrive after cast member Paul Anderson posted a cryptic Instagram post that's left everyone scratching their heads.

Paul - who plays Shelby gang member Arthur - appeared to drop a hint when he shared a series of old set pictures with the caption: "Ciao bella, looks like he is somewhere in Small Heath getting ready for S6."

But it was the next part of his post that sent fans into meltdown, with Paul tagging none other than David Beckham, alongside director Guy Ritchie and actress Bella Thorne.

Beckham has called the show "one of his favourite series".

So could Becks really be on board for season 6, alongside Bella Thorne and Guy Ritchie? Only time will tell.