Paul Weller on music, fashion and football
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The Modfather Paul Weller has been asked countless times to lend his name to branded products, starting with Jam shoes in the heady days of punk and then made-to-measure suits during the Britpop phenomenon of the 1990s, but Sunspel appealed to him because of the nature of the company, its products and, saliently, its “vibe”.

Weller says on the brand “It’s a quality brand, so it’s as simple as that. Also, I’ve bought their stuff a lot over the years, so in the end it all made sense. I just didn’t want to cover anything with a flag.”

Over the years, flags have been big business for Weller, from the Union Jack jackets he wore in The Jam to the innocent flag-waving during the Modfather and dad rock years, but the banner has too many other connotations these days for him to endorse it. Nevertheless, his Sunspel collection is all the better for it, as it contains a fine selection of polo shirts, cotton twill trousers, lightweight macs, T-shirts and jumpers. With no flag in sight.
Talking about style, Weller said why it was still so important to him:
"I think it’s just something that’s kind of been drilled into me from a very young age, you know, growing up when I did, being too young to be part of the 1960s, as such, but still being old enough to be affected by it and influenced by it. Everything went hand in hand with me, music and style. It was how you looked and what music you listened to and probably, at the time, what football team you supported. All those things, they were all cultural touchstones, so it’s just sort of ingrained in me really. Whatever kind of music you were into reflected in the way you dressed. For me it was that period in the late 1960s, when I was around ten or eleven, that I properly got into it. From there it grew into the whole skinhead thing, which was a massive influence then and still is now.
The Paul Weller collection for sunspel is out now

Source British GQ Magazine