Paul Weller on his new album
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In an interview with Clint Boon, Paul Weller revealed that his new album; his 14th solo album is finished and it will see the light of day in September. 

Weller: "Just waiting for the new album to get mastered and it's coming out in September" and added "It's kind of different in a way again. I've done tracks like it but never a whole album like it. It's more acoustic, more song based. All my band is playing on it. And Conor O'Brien from Villagers is playing on it. We wrote a song together." 

He made it quite clear that it's a different sort of album: "It's not a rock n roll record. It's something else."

Finally, he talked about his relationshio with Cradock: "We've been together for like 26 years. He's one of my best friends. We are just close man. He always rises to the challenge. He's always up for it. He's a great fellow and a great musician and a great person as well."


Source: Music Made in Manchester