Paul Weller on his love for NYC, lack of nostalgia and the Gallagher brothers
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In an interview with Gothamist, Paul Weller talked about his love for NYC, his lack of nostalgia for his old records, what he's listening to right now, and the Gallagher brothers.

"NYC is buzzing everywhere, isn't it? I think it's a little like London, it's got a couple of strong similar traits anyway. And I think the energy and maybe the rudeness [Laughs.] is similar to London, but it's really the buzz. Yeah.Don't forget that for a lot of English people, we're all built up—not as much these days, because of the internet and that—but when I was growing up, you saw America through cinema or TV. And, for me, also DC Comics or Marvel Comics, so you build up that image of what it's going to be like. I think, for most English people, it's really exciting.
And also, that's where I met my missus. That's were I met my wife."

On Being nostalgic:
"Occasionally, if we're trying to put a set together and I think maybe we want to play some old songs. But apart from that I don't really, if I'm honest. Because I always have mixed feelings around listening to my old records, you know? And I haven't done that for a long time. But sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised at a track, or some tracks, or an album. But often I'm disappointed as well. So I just think, "Oh, fuck that." Just proceed with the future. Keep my head in what I'm doing now, you know. But I think it's always been like that for me, I was always just thinking about what I was working on at that time. And that was kind of all it was really. It was always about the next record or the next batch of songs. So I don't think I'm too different really.

On what he's listening to 
" I like Savoy Motels, I really like their last record. They're from America, but I don't know where, maybe East Coast. I like Foxygen's record, I thought it was a really brave record, with some really beautiful arrangements and that sound. Hmm, who else now man? There's been loads of good records out this year, actually. I like this singer called Georgia Smith. She's got an EP out recently. She's a really good sort of soul singer.

And then this other young guy called Samm Henshaw, another English boy, I think East Londoner. But he's great, really great voice. He's had a couple of EP's out and I think he's working on an album. And then, I like that track, "Because I'm Me," by The Avalanches.

On him and Noel Gallagher discussing breaking up Oasis
" I don't know man. It's like a sort of comedy duo, isn't it? It's like a comedy duo, but with no straight man." and added on Noel Gallagher asking him about the break up "I didn't talk to Noel about that. Absolutely not. I mean, he's not the sort of person that would ever do that. And I wouldn't fucking want to be the person to have to give him advice anyway. But, they're both, how should I put this...sort of liberal with the truth at times, bless them."

In other news, Steve Cradock on Noel Gallagher's solo album.

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Source: Gothamist