Paul Weller began  work on his first film soundtrack two years ago...
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In an interview with Uncut US, Paul Weller talked about his work on his first film soundtrack.

Paul Weller began  work on his first film soundtrack two years ago, creating a sound collage for the boxing film provisionally titled The Ballad Of Jimmy McCabe. With filming set to begin in 2016, this soundtrack promises to be unlike anything he’s ever done before. “A mate of mine, the actor Johnny Harris (pictured), has been trying to get this film together for the last two years,” says Weller. “It’s a semi-autobiographical piece about a boxer who has it all, loses it and then gets it together again. “It’s my first complete soundtrack – I’ve done the odd song here and there – so I want to try something really different.We had he first meeting about two years ago, and I went away and did a long piece of about 27 minutes that was kind of avant-garded experimental.”

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