Paul Weller: "I've liked everything Noel Gallagher has done solo"
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In a section dedicated to Noel Gallagher with an NME feature for The High Flying Birds from 2011, Weller hailed the former Oasis guitarist’s ability to ‘write an anthem’ – especially since he’s gone solo.

“I’ve liked everything he’s done solo,” Weller told NME Gold. “I don’t really need to talk about what a great songwriter he is, because everyone knows that. But, for me, he’s got better.

 As well as praising his abilities on guitar, bass and drums, Weller hailed his ‘magpie’ approach to music. 

Weller added: “There’s some fucking great songs on the first two albums, some big tunes, and he is the master as well of that kind of anthem. And writing anthems is not an easy thing to do. And he really knows his shit on that. 

“There’s a song on the second solo album called ‘The Girl With The X Ray Eyes’, which I think is an amazing song. Without getting muso about it, because he wouldn’t, it’s just got beautiful chords and melody and the way it’s structured. And hopefully people hear that.”

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source: NME

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