Paul Weller: “I see the album as very uplifting.”
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In an interview with Mojo Magazine, Paul Weller discussed his new studio album 'A Kind Revolution' and discussed he had resolved to do something different again.

“Not really. A couple of songs were done before [last album] Saturns Pattern came out, but it was mostly written last year. I don’t mean this in any arrogant way, but I was so pleased with the sound on Saturns Pattern, I wanted to pursue that a bit more. Whether I’ve done that I don’t know… what you end up with isn’t usually what you set out to do. It wrote itself after a while. It happened pretty quickly – it was done by last October.”

And regarding the title of his new album 'A Kind Revolution' being a statement about the world today, Weller said that we need a revolution but a different one.

“We need a revolution but not one that kills more people, one that means we look into ourselves a bit more. Not just as a nation but as part of the human race” and added about what he thinks can be done about all this "I don’t know, but there’s not an international peace movement. We’re fucked, really. At the moment I can’t see where the hope is coming from. If you look at the world leaders, we don’t have a Mandela or a Dr King or whoever speaking up for peace.”

Finally about some special guests ike Boy George, Weller said:

“He was going to sing on Saturns Pattern but it didn’t work out. I love his voice, it sounds better than ever, really soulful. I’d like to do something with him in the future."

In other news, Paul Weller plans to release new album in 2018.

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Source: Mojo

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