Paul Weller explains why he chose Jawbone as his first film project
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The music of Jawbone is composed by Paul Weller, who told The Big Issue why he chose Jawbone as his first film project.

“I’d always wanted to do a film score but wanted it to be something ‘arty’ and not mainstream,” he says. “I met Johnny Harris for a meeting in Bar Italia and he outlined the story. I was so vibed up by it that I started to construct the main theme and overall idea of what I thought the music should be before they started shooting – which was totally arse about face, but just as Johnny had a very singular idea of what the film was to be about so did I with the music.

Paul Weller then went on to add “I’m tired of seeing/hearing the street/London type films with a banging techno or big drums soundtrack,” Weller continues. “I saw this as more abstract and evolving from tenderness and calm to violent and disturbing. I thought that captures a lot of the emotions of the film. I instantly liked Johnny Harris, he’s very intense but an extremely soulful fella too. He really wants to make a difference, and he has with Jawbone.”


PH: Bazza Mills for kulbritania

Source: thebigissue