The website stated last Friday a report involving the legendary british band, who were said to have decided ...
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The website stated last Friday a report involving the legendary British band, who were said to have decided to get together to give a show in Reading in November to play their fifth studio album, “Sound Affects”. However, Jam’s mastermind and songwriter Paul Weller denied this information.

A statement regarding the aforementioned news was published on Paul Weller’s website:“Contrary to a report on this week, The Jam have not reformed to play in Reading on November 13."

Former Jam bass player Bruce Foxton will be joined by Russell Hastings and Steve Barnard at the Friar Street Venue for their show as 'From The Jam'.

“From The Jam” is a project created by Foxton and Russel Hasting in which they play part of The Jam’s repertoire, but which has also released two original albums, which they have presented, according to their website, in sold out gigs through the UK.   As far as a Jam’s reunion is concerned, the Modfather made a comment about it in an interview he had with in June regarding the presentation of his new album “Saturn Patterns”. Weller was very decisive in his comments and stated that there’s “not enough money in the world” to convince him to reunite with his old band. The Jam split up in 1982 after leaving an everlasting mark in British music, whose influences can be seen even today in young bands like The Spitfires among others.

In other news, Paul Weller and an amazing acoustic set.

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