In an interview with The Mirror, former Oasis manager
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In an interview with The Mirror, former Oasis manager Alan McGee talked about those memorable two shows at Maine Road in Manchester. "There were 80,000 fans and a thousand of them got mugged going in," laughed McGee. "It was a warzone, getting in and out was f***ing interesting."

McGee said: "Liam was on fire, Noel was on fire, Bonehead was on fire, it was just the best lineup of the band for me. "They were untouchable. The best British band in the world at that point, and I know that's a big statement."

McGee also talked about not actually being there: "I think Noel thought I was being a bit of a c*** by not being there but I was finding it difficult to leave London at that time." and finally said: "And now, 23 years after managing the Jesus and Mary Chain, going in rehab and now not touching Class A drugs since 1994, I'm back in the business, managing bands like the Happy Mondays."

What do YOU think? Was that their best line-up ever?

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Source: the mirror