Oasis at Knebworth 10/08/1996 | First Night
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Today, as many of you know, marks a new anniversary of the first of Oasis’ era defining Knebworth gigs when the band played the first of two concerts at Knebworth Park. They were the biggest concerts of their era which later became known as 'The Gigs of the Century'.

According to reports, one in 20 Britons applied for tickets. Oasis could have sold out night after night for two weeks. That massive they were. Knebworth just confirmed they were then the most popular British band since The Beatles.

Musician and journalist, John Robb of Louder Than War summed up the concert in a few words for kulbritania saying:

       "Knebworth was the high water mark of Britpop - the moment when the music went supernova - after this Oasis could only go down but what a peak - the biggest ever live show in the UK saw a band at the top of its peers as it swaggered into the record books with its generational anthems."

To celebrate the 20th anniversary last year,  'My Big Mouth (Live At Knebworth Park)' was made available to stream or download here.

The video below includes original footage of Knebworth from the band’s helicopter.