Noel Gallagher reveals he was afraid of Weller's fiery judgement
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 It seems being a music celebrity does not make immune of Weller's style criticism.

Well at least this is what Noel Gallagher told Mojo Magazine.  In an interview, the Oasis star recalls that in the early days of skinny black jeans with ripped-out knees he daren’t go down that road for fear of Weller’s fiery judgement.

“There’d be a knock on the door,” said Gallagher, “and Weller’s boot would come through the letterbox and kick you in the head.”

During an interview with Mojo ahead of the release of his new solo album, Paul Weller reflected on The jam early days and what it was all about and if he expected all those fans who followed him during the early years to be still there.

“I hope so. I hope there’s still a few. But more than anything I hope that they’re still all right and they’re still around.” He pauses. “Like Madness, maybe The SpecialsThe Jam were a playground band. That thing of watching Top Of The Pops on the Thursday and talking about it at school on the Friday – that’s what it was all about.”

Paul Weller on the fashion of the mods

Source Mojo

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