Noel Gallagher on working with Damon Albarn and his favourite Blur song
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In an interview with Q magazine, Noel Gallagher revealed that he wants Damon Albarn on Damon Albarn on his new record. Actually, I did an interview with NG before his third solo album and he revealed to me that he wanted Damon to be part of 'Who Built the Moon?. Finally, that wish never materialised: "[Damon] was supposed to play on 'Who Built The Moon?' (Noel's 2017 solo album) but we couldn't make the timings work. Maybe next time."

Noel, 50, loves spending time with Damon even when they're not working. He said: "I really love working and hanging out with that mob. Not just Damon, but all his people. "It turned out we had a lot of mutual friends and they're all cool as f**k. "The Gorillaz shows at The O2 recently were two mega nights out."

On what his younger self would think of his friendship with Albarn, Noel said: "If you'd told my younger self that he'd done one day be singing on a record by Damon Albarn he would have laughed and probably said, 'If either of you are still going it'll be a f***ing miracle - a sick joke that will fascinate speccy Guardian-reading journalists for years.' "

Finally, Noel Gallagher revealed his favourite Blur song telling Q magazine: "'Beetlebum' is probably my favourite song of Damon's. When I heard it for the first time I did think, 'S**t, I wish I'd written that. When I first heard Blur, I thought they were very English, like The Kinks. When it came to all the other projects he was doing, I thought, 'When does this fella go on holiday?' 

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Below you can watch the interview I did with NG where he revealed he would like to work with Albarn.


Source: Q