In an interview with aureview, Noel Gallagher discussed his third studio...
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In an interview with aureview, Noel Gallagher discussed his third studio album and said:

“It’s slow going and I am a very, very impatient man.” Gallagher says. “If I have a thought, a minor whim, I have to act on it that instant and see it through it’s logical conclusion. With this record, there’s a lot of ideas still up in the fucking air floating around which is really, really beginning to annoy me. I’m going to fucking soldier on, I’m not going to fucking complain. I’m going to soldier on for the kids, that’s what I’m going to do" and added “We [he and his producer] made a promise to each other not to write any songs, just to come to the studio with nothing. We’d throw ideas out there and then we could bounce ideas and write – it’s something I’ve never done before. The part I don’t like about that is that you never really know what the fuck is going on from one day to the next.  Usually, I’ll go to the studio with 30 songs, I’ll record them all and I know what it’s going to sound like. I pick the best and pick a flow to the album. I’m halfway through this record and I don’t have a fucking idea how  it’s going to end up! Not the faintest idea. I don’t know what the next seven songs are going to be like because I haven’t written them yet.”

In other news, Noel Gallagher to write song for new Monkees' album.


Source: aureview

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