Noel Gallagher on the rise of Oasis, reunion and 'the magic period'
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In a new interview with Q Magazine, Noel Gallagher talked about Oasis and the Knebworth years: “It was pre the modern age,” he recalls “The rise of Oasis was the last great old-school rock’n’roll story.” Supersonic ends with Knebworth, so it’s all rise and no fall. “Imagine if we’d have walked off stage at Knebworth and that had been it,” he fantasises. “It would have been the greatest story of all time! A better story than The Beatles, Elvis, all that shit. But we were too caught up in the thing. You’re like, ‘Fuck this, we’ll come back next year and do five fucking nights!’”.

Speaking of Oasis, and a possible reunion, Noel Gallagher was quite clear in stating that Oasis have no unfinished business: “Oasis have got no unfinished business. We did it. We f**king did it, and then some. It’s done.”

Finally, Noel Gallagher recalls the 'magic period': “There’s this magic period where you’re in the same circumstances as your audience,” he explains. “You’ve not become a rock star, you’re not detached from the people, you’re still a little shitty punk band. Then Morning Glory sells fucking bazillions and you start buying fur coats and wearing sunglasses all the time and flying around in helicopters. So I was thinking, ‘Well, what am I going to write about?’ And it didn’t dawn on me for eight years. You’re trying to capture the universal truths: love, loss, heartbreak, joy, pain, all the things that we all feel. And it’s never gone away since. It always finds me in the end.”

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Source: QtheMusic

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