Noel Gallagher on the first song he thought was genuinely great
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In an interview with Mojo, Noel Gallagher revealed the first song he genuinely thought was great.

'Live Forever. I wrote it on John Squire’s Gretsch Country Gent because one of their roadies lived at Mark Coyle’s house and it ended up at my house. When I played it at the next rehearsal Bonehead said, “You’ve not just written that
fucking song. That’s from somewhere else.” I’d listened to enough music to know that was a classic. It was Mark Coyle that came up with the drumbeat because when he was checking the drums on the last [Inspiral Carpets] tour I would play those chords. It’s funny how a song changes everything.' and added on dreaming of stadium rock and performing in front of thousands of people 'Fucking hell, I never dreamt of that. Indie music wasn’t in arenas then. The biggest you could get was Brixton Academy. When Definitely Maybe took off, our promoters said: “There’s this new arena opening in Sheffield. We’re thinking of putting you on there next month.” I was like, “Do you think we’ll fill it?” And they said, “We could probably do 10 nights.” We didn’t realise what was going on. I kind of shut it all out. The thing that kept me grounded was the songwriting. I thought as long as I don’t take that for granted, I can handle everything else. The ‘that’ll do’ era would come later.

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Source: Mojo