Noel Gallagher on recording 'Be Here Now'
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In a new interview with Mojo Magazine, which you can buy here, Noel Gallagher talked about recording 'Be Here Now' and said:

"They were turbulent times. A lot of drugs involved. We should never have made that record then. From Knebworth, we have a couple of weeks off, that American tour collapses halfway through… relationships between people in the band were either non existent or fractious. Instead of going, ‘We should go our separate ways for a year or two’, we decided like idiots to go straight into Abbey Road, arguing." and added "The session didn’t last too long. There’s a bar in there! We were getting pissed all the time. I wasn’t there when we got kicked out, I’d hazard a guess it was summat Liam had been up to. We moved to Ridge Farm [in Surrey]. It took ages to get going. The press had followed us, and because it’s on a farm there’s lots of farm people knocking around, so you would always be looking suspiciously out of a window – admittedly high as a fucking kite – thinking: That sheep’s got a camera. I bet he works for The Sun.’

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Source: MOJO